About us

MorphoMFG – Delivering the best people, vision and manufacturing methods to those who demand the best for their product idea.

Long before satellites, mankind used the magnetic compass to navigate the world. This simple survival tool was all our ancestors needed to complete extraordinary voyages that wrote human history.

No matter how far we progress, the compass will always remain the first of many advances that brought us the industrial revolution, steam engine and nuclear reactor.

Like we admire satellites today, our ancestors looked to the compass as the height of innovation. And just the same, the humble transistor continues to change our world as the unsung hero of electronics.

Even if you’re not trying to reinvent the wheel with your product, true discovery will never happen until the right innovators, ideators and manufacturing methods cross paths.

Aligning everything is essential in building and launching any product to its potential – MorphoMFG is here to help you do just that.

Anything is possible if you have the right people, method and idea (and qualify).

The Right People : Engineers, Account Managers, Administration, Quality Control, Executives, Business Development, Purchasing, Negotiation. Factory Bosses & Teams.

On the front lines, our business development team serves as a great filter by not letting just any idea or entrepreneur through. Our deep manufacturing experience enables us to meticulously vet clients and their projects, and we accept around 12.5% of teams that approach us.

Once a project is approved and onboarding launched, an account manager is assigned to gain info from the client: “What is the product? How does it work? What are its components and how are each of them made? And what is the product’s expected function?” These are just a handful of the questions they will ask…

They pass this wealth of data to our engineering team, who check how close the product is to being DFM-ready (Designed for Manufacturing). If gaps exist, they will determine what’s needed to set the stage, e.g. “Will the product function the way the client expects it to, if assembled according to their existing files?” If not, they’ll figure out what must change, the best way to make those changes - and make it all happen.

Issues in manufacturing are unavoidable, which is why our purchasing & quality control teams are involved from the very start. The QCSD lays out every part of the process and checks each component individually, making an easy fix of those unavoidable issues - which become impossible to fix when conducting QC after mass production.

The Right [Component Control Manufacturing] Method

Throughout our first 100 manufacturing contracts, we learned an incredible amount about using the component control method to guarantee the perfect quality of a final product.

Our Canadian-born, Mandarin-fluent CEO spent years conducting daily visits to factories across mainland China - often 2 or 3 in a single day - with these goals in mind.

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of every factory and learn what components their people make best.
  • Identify those factories that cut corners or have a bad cost-to-quality ratio and remove them from our supply chain list.
  • Identify innovation champions with ideas that possess the attention to detail, quality and consistency that MorphoMFG strives to deliver.

Fast-forward a decade of precisely following our method and a few thousand delighted clients, and we’re proud to say we’ve perfected it.

And the result of all this?

MorphoMFG has organically grown into a multi-million dollar manufacturing beast regarded by ideators worldwide - and we’re only just getting started.

Our vision is to help make great products for the people who aspire to impact the world and inspire generations to come, and whose vision aligns with our business model.

Because we are in the business of repeat business. Your bottom line is our bottom line, and the better job we do of providing your manufacturing, logistics and support, the faster we grow together.

The foundation is set, our team and method proven. Now we’re on the hunt for brilliant ideas to bring to life.

It doesn’t matter if you’re coming to us with nothing but a napkin sketch or a suited team equipped with detailed design files.

Nor does it matter whether you’re making a new kind of a watch, a revolutionary propulsion engine or just an adorable plush toy.

Whatever your concept, our vastly experienced team will generate a feasibility report for your idea and discuss the steps we’d take together.

For years, we have continually proven our dedication, people, mission and method for providing the perfect manufacturing experience. Now, we’re hunting for the right ideas and clients to proudly devote our unrivaled resources.

Start a conversation with our team today to access our supply chain & resources.