Product Design Tips For New Designers

There aren’t many clear-cut rights or wrongs to product design; it’s hard to put constraints on such a creative process. Still, these are a few things that we’ve found that help us stay on track and consistently churn out well-designed products. You’ll probably come across a few things as you get into the product design […]

Squarespace vs. Shopify – What’s Best for Me?

It’s your business card, your POS and your billboard ad all rolled into one. You need a website for just about every business in this day and age. Let’s narrow in on the best platform to build with for your business. Squarespace: Look at this stuff Shopify: Buy this stuff Both Squarespace and Shopify are […]

Is this the end of manufacturing in China as we know it?

To say that China’s in the news a lot these days is an understatement. From trade wars to border skirmishes to semiautonomous regions being put under new a legal regime, it seems that tension between China and the west is always front of mind. One of the dominant topics in diplomatic and economic circles the […]

4 Things We Hate About White-labeling

1. What you see is what you get You’re not making any changes to a white label product that will significantly differentiate it from your competitors. Sure, you can probably choose between a few color options and design a better logo. Product packaging is likely the most customizable aspect of your product! You should never […]

How My First Attempt At Manufacturing A Product Became An Absolute Nightmare

I jumped into the manufacturing game thinking that I was immune to the common pitfalls of manufacturing in China. Being young and bold definitely has it’s perks, but jumping in thinking that I could maneuver my way through manufacturing a product in China flawlessly on my first attempt was more than a bit naive. It’s […]

How to Know When Your Prototype Is Ready for Production

There are things that people overlook when they’re putting together their prototype; we talk to dozens of people every week, so we’ve seen them all. Most of the designers who we work with have already put together a prototype. Some of them have dumped serious amounts of capital and time into these prototypes. Yet very […]