You Don’t Need To Find Just One Manufacturer In China, And Here’s Why…

…How Companies Like Apple Are Using The “Component Control” Method To Protect Their IP, Increase Profit Margins And Guarantee Quality Products – Without Ever Owning The Factories (A 5 year MorphoMFG Review From The CEO - Josh Fairbairn) When I first got started in China, I went to three factories every day for two years. [...]

Peek Inside Some of the Greatest Customer Service Stories

Introduction What MAKES a business SUCCESSFUL exactly? Is it the kind of products and services it offers? Is it the employees it has? Is it all about the founder and his or her passion? Is it their history, experience, track record, tradition, and such? In marketing and advertising, we generally see the above elements getting […]

Crystal Ball Gazing into the Crowdfunding Landscape

Crowdfunding as a recent fad is an incorrect dichotomy. Our belief is that all types of funding is some play on the underlying model of crowdfunding. Take the case of PE investment. Of course, the type of investor will different, but if we look at it, crowdfunding is an expansion of a successful and well-used […]