January 29, 2023

Is China Suitable for Custom Products Manufacturing?

China has been a popular destination for custom product manufacturing for many years, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. Many companies are turning away from expensive in-house operations towards third-party manufacturers based in China. 

Whether you're a product manager, sourcing agent, or business owner who needs reliable and affordable manufacturing solutions - consider China as your ideal destination!

As the world is turning to modernization, China has kept up with the pace of change. Every consumer needs custom products to match their individual preferences. 

According to research conducted by Deloitte

"More than 50% of customers who participated in their research show interest in purchasing customized products. Additionally, they also mentioned that in the future, the businesses that don't incorporate customization in their products are likely to lose potential customers and revenue."

So why not change yourself with the modern times and embrace China as your ideal destination for custom product manufacturing? 

In this blog post, we'll discuss the reasons and advantages of production via Chinese custom product factories - including costs, availability of resources, scalability options, and more.

Read on to explore if working with a factory based in China is suitable for your specific goals.

For those who prefer video content, here’s a video summary of what you’re about to read below.

Custom Product Manufacturing in China – A Smart Move!

Before getting into details - what do you think is it a smart move to choose China for custom product manufacturing? 

Are your competitors doing it? Or is there another reason you should shift to a Chinese manufacturing hub?

The answer is simple - China is a huge manufacturing powerhouse, providing businesses with the resources they need to produce cost-effective custom products. 

This makes it an attractive option for companies looking to produce a wide range of products - from consumer goods to industrial equipment.

What's More?

Additionally, China's proximity to other Asian countries and its strong transportation infrastructure make it easy to ship products to customers all over the world.

The Other Side:

Making it the right move or not - ultimately, it all depends upon your due diligence.

You should be aware of some potential downsides, such as language and cultural barriers. Moreover, there may be concerns about intellectual property rights and product quality. 

So it's important to do your due diligence when choosing a manufacturer and to clearly understand your rights and responsibilities.

A Tip:

To overcome the hurdles, you should hire a reliable sourcing/contract manufacturing company familiar with the Chinese market. This will make your process easier and more efficient as they already have a network of trustworthy suppliers and manufacturers. 

Don't know how to find a reliable sourcing agent in China - Check out our related blog post!

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Figuring Out Your Custom Product Manufacturing Requirements

Don't just jump into the decision of custom product manufacturing in China without knowing your exact requirements.


Because without knowing what you want, you won't be able to compare and choose the best option for your project.

To ensure a smooth process ahead - get a clear understanding of your project requirements first.

The Right Way:

You need to consider all the aspects of custom product manufacturing such as:

1. Type of Manufacturer:

You should know whether you need an ODM (Original Design Manufacturer), OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), or CM (Contract Manufacturer) for your project. 

Don't know which type to choose?

Let's figure this out - because you must properly understand what each one offers. 

• Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

ODM manufacturers design and produce new products by customizing the existing products. They are responsible for designing and developing the product, creating a prototype, testing it, producing the product, and any other related tasks. This process is much faster than OEM, and the completed product is then marketed under the name of the buyer's company.

• Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

OEM manufacturers take a product from the buyer and produce it with the buyer's specific requirements in mind. The product is marketed under the OEM's name, and it's a bit time-consuming compared to ODM.

• Contract Manufacturer (CM)

CMs are the third-party contractors who carry out the manufacturing operations according to the buyer's requirements. They don't have an in-house production facility, but they outsource the components from reliable suppliers - suppliers can be ODM or OEM.

They are only responsible for the services mentioned in the contract, whether it's design, production, quality control, or managing the whole process.

So, once you know the type of custom product manufacturer you need, you can move on to the next step - analyzing their capabilities!

2. Size and Capabilities of the Company:

Starting with the company's size, you need to ensure that they have enough resources and personnel to handle your project.

But wait - before you check this, you should know whether you need SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises) or large-scale enterprises for your project.

For Example:

Suppose you're looking for a leather manufacturer in China and your requirements are not too complicated. In this case, going with SMEs is a cost-effective and efficient option as they are more flexible regarding affordability at low MOQs. 

On the other hand, if you want to manufacture luxury watches in China, you should go for large-scale enterprises as they have more resources and experience in producing high-end watches. 

The Right Way:

How do you know which company is the right fit for your project?

Don't worry!

To make sure that you are selecting the best option, analyze their capabilities. You should cover the following points while doing so:

  • What is the company's track record?

  • Do they have sufficient resources and personnel?

  • Are they certified to produce the product you need?

  • Do they have reliable suppliers for sourcing materials and components?

  • Check their quality control process and methods.

These are just a few points to consider but you should analyze any other aspect which is important for your project.

The Hidden Side:

You might think selecting the right custom product manufacturer in China is quite simple. 

But wait a moment - Is it really that easy?

Think again!

There are hundreds of custom products manufacturer in China you can't cross-check all of them. On the other hand, there might be a possibility that you fell into the trap of a fake or low-quality manufacturer.

The Solution:

Well, avoiding traps and finding the right one is not something from another world - if you have proper knowledge!

But, yes, we can't deny that it's time-consuming.

Check out our latest blog post on how to find a reliable manufacturing company in China, or you can partner with a contract manufacturer like MorphoMFG, who will handle the whole process on your behalf in China.

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3. Required Services:

You should determine what services you need from the custom product manufacturer. 

Let's understand this with an example: 

The Example:

If you already have a completed design file, then you only need the manufacturing and quality control services from the custom product manufacturer. 

On the other hand, if you only have a concept, then you will need a design team to turn your concept into a design file, and then the custom product manufacturer can proceed with the manufacturing process. 

A Tip:

On the safe side, don't just rely on the manufacturer. Hire a third-party contract manufacturer to inspect the product quality and manage other services like shipping. 

The Reason behind Choosing China for Your Custom Product Manufacturing – Why it’s a Hot Spot!

The rise of China in the global manufacturing sector makes it an ideal location for products to be customized. With its high-tech infrastructure, abundant resources, and unparalleled geographical advantages, it's no surprise that China has established itself as a major hub of global production. 

That's the reason why most of the world's leading brands choose China as their custom product manufacturing destination. 

Some of the main reasons behind the success of the Chinese manufacturing sector are: 

1. Innovative and Modern Manufacturing Facilities:

Still, think about China as it used to be in the past. 

You need to think again! 

China is no more on conventional production facilities; it has moved to modern, highly advanced, and innovative manufacturing facilities. 

What's More?

Chinese manufacturers are incorporating industry 4.0 technologies like automation, robotics, and artificial intelligence to optimize their production process. 

So, bring your custom product ideas to life with the custom manufacturers in China - we promise you won't regret it!

2. Affordable Services:

China offers cost-effective services and products compared to other countries. Compared to the U.S., Europe, or Japan, you can get your product manufactured at much cheaper rates from Chinese manufacturers - that's what most leading brands like Apple are doing!

A Misconception:

We know that people still consider China the cheapest manufacturing destination, but that's not true anymore!

China is no longer cheaper. However, you can say it's the most affordable destination for custom product manufacturing as compared to the US, Europe, Japan, and Korea.

Most countries like Indonesia, India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh are cheaper than China - but only in terms of conventional products!

These countries recently started producing customized products, but the quality and services are not yet matured. On the other hand, China has a matured manufacturing industry - backed by advanced technology and professional engineers.

Don't Do This:

Most business owners focus on bringing the cost down while negotiating with the manufacturers - this is a big mistake.

Don't do this if you want quality products!

You should know everyone in the market is for a reason: to make money.

Keep insisting on cheaper rates, you are only forcing them to cut corners and compromise on quality. 

So, don't do this!

Pay a fair price and stay assured of the quality and after-sales services.

In a Nutshell:

Just remember one thing - Good things come at a price.

It's better to invest some extra money on quality products and services rather than saving a few bucks by compromising on the quality & services!

3. Easy Availability of Resources:

Everyone knows no country can beat China when it comes to resources. China has a huge domestic market and abundant resources - not just for production but for everything else, like the workforce, raw materials, and technology as well.

In an interview, Tim Cook - CEO of Apple, says; 

"The main reason behind manufacturing iPhones in China is not due to its low-cost labor. Apple can find a way more cost-efficient place to build phones if that was the case of low-cost manufacturing. According to him the main reason behind this is the skills China holds in tooling engineering as these skill sets are no longer available in the U.S."

The Importance:

For custom product manufacturing, you might need a certain material or a specific tool - such resources are easily available in China.

Bring your product idea to China and get it manufactured at a competitive price. 

4. Scalability:

Who wants their business to be stagnant?

No one!

Chinese manufacturers are best when it comes to scalability. 

You can easily scale up or down your production depending on the demand - and that too at an affordable rate.

The Best Part:

Due to an efficient transport network, active ports, and well-connected airports, you can get the product delivered to your doorstep in no time - most of the time, you'll get it earlier than the expected date.

And that's what makes them worth investing in! 

The Right Strategy:

In order to scale, you need to focus on your sales and marketing as well.

But will you do that while managing the whole production process?

No, right!

So, make sure you have the right strategy in place to save time and money. 

Partner with a well-reputed contract manufacturing company like MorphoMFG and get the job done in a hassle-free manner.

They will manage everything from production to delivery - all you need to do is just focus on your sales and marketing activities.

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Keeping all of the above points in mind, we can say that China is still the most suitable place to manufacture custom products – and it’s certainly never going out of style!

Average Cost of Custom Product Manufacturing in China – Budgeting Done Right!

When it comes to budgeting for custom product manufacturing in China, the key is knowing your numbers. The average cost will vary depending on a variety of factors. 

For Example - depending on the type of production you are doing, the cost might range from quite low for items like fabric or plastic-manufactured products to potentially expensive for complex items like electronics.

A Rough Idea:

Now you might be looking for a rough figure to get an idea of the cost. 

Well, for now, we can't give you a definite figure as we don't exactly know about your requirements.

We at MorphoMFG handled a lot of projects that cost from several thousand to half a million!

But if you are really up for crunching numbers - you can look at the budgeting we have done for several projects in our pricing guide.

Pricing Guide: Manufacturing Costs for Custom ODM Products in China

Let MorphoMFG Handle Your Custom Product Manufacturing Project in China – Find Out Why?

As you know, China is one of the hot spots to manufacture your custom product. You must be looking for the most convenient way to get started. 

If you are already working with some Chinese manufacturers, you might know how it works in the country. 

And suppose you are completely new in this field. In that case, the most hassle-free and cost-effective option is to team up with a contract manufacturing company that specializes in managing the entire production process in China.

A Common Mistake:

In order to save some bucks, many businesses choose to handle the entire production process on their own. 

If you also think of doing the same – consider this a red alert!

Before you dive into the process, ask some of these questions from yourself;

  • Do you have enough time to invest?

  • Do you have a team familiar with the Chinese business market and can work fluently in Mandarin? 

  • Are you familiar with Chinese laws and regulations? 

  • How do you know the company you are partnering with is reliable and trustworthy?

  • Are you able to carry out several quality checks during the production process?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then it's better to onboard an experienced contractor.

What We Offer:

MorphoMFG offers a comprehensive solution to all your custom product manufacturing needs - from initial design to production and, finally, shipping. We have several offices in Guangzhou, China and a team of +40 professionals including experienced engineers, designers, sourcing agents, quality control inspectors, and freight managers - all set to help you with the manufacturing process.

The Best Part:

Do you know what the best part is?

All of this is just one call away!

So, schedule a call with our experts today to discuss your custom product manufacturing requirements. You can also visit our homepage to learn more about our services. Thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Best Custom Product Manufacturer in China?

There is no definite answer to this question as it depends on several factors like budget, production type, quality requirements, etc.

However, MorphoMFG can help you onboard the most suitable manufacturer for your project in the shortest time. 

Why Do You Need Us?

There are thousands of manufacturers in China, and everyone claims to handle your project with precision. 

But the truth is locating a reliable manufacturing partner and managing them from abroad can be tedious and time-consuming.

We have +7 years of experience in the Chinese market and specialize in custom product manufacturing. Moreover, we have hundreds of well-reputed custom manufacturers in our list, which we shortlist after multiple test runs.

So, with MorphoMFG - you don't need to worry about research, quality checks, or anything else. We have you covered!

Is China Safe for Custom Product Manufacturing?

Yes, China is safe for custom product manufacturing. But you can't overlook some of the risks associated with the Chinese market.

It's like, "China is heaven for custom product manufacturing, but if you don't know what to do - it can soon turn into hell."

The Hidden Side:

No one talks about it but being the leading manufacturing market in the world, China has a dark side too. Scammers and fake companies are a common sight here, and they often target naive foreign businesses. 

The Solution:

Hand it over to someone like MorphoMFG who has a proven manufacturing record in China.

So, schedule a call with us today to find out how we can help you with your project.

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