December 3, 2022

Finding A Chinese Export Agent – 5 Important Considerations

When it comes to exporting products from China, finding the right agent can be a make-or-break decision. A reliable China export agent will have extensive experience and knowledge of the Chinese market. They will be able to source your products at the most competitive prices - that's what makes them invaluable!

According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC) statistics, "In 2022, China's exports amounted to $323 Billion till September. The exports have increased by 5.73% as compared to the previous year. United States ($50.8B), Hong Kong ($30.6B), and Japan ($15.2B) are the top importers of Chinese products in 2022."

As the Chinese export markets are growing and becoming more competitive, choosing a reliable export agent can be difficult - but not with us!

This detailed blog post will discuss everything you need to consider before finalizing a China export agent. So, without wasting further time, let's dive into the details.

For those who prefer video content, here’s a video summary of what you’re about to read below.

China Export Agent – Your Import Partner!

If you are in the import business, you must know the value of a reliable export agent. They are the lifeline of your imports, and the success of your business depends on their expertise.

You must be thinking - why do we need an export agent in China?

Well, let us explain!

Logically speaking, no one knows the Chinese market better than the natives. And if you want to do it by yourself, just think about these few things for a moment; 

  • How will you crack the language barrier? 

  • How will you know the best suppliers in China? 

  • Are you able to keep an eye on the quality of products? 

  • In case of any trouble during shipment, can you resolve it?

We are not saying you can't do it on your own. 

But what if you got stuck in any of these situations? It will cost you more than just money. After all, your business is at stake!

No products mean no business - Therefore, it is wiser to make an informed decision of choosing a China export agent. 

They are knowledgeable and experienced and will guide you through the entire process - from paperwork to sourcing and shipment.

In addition, a trustworthy Chinese export agent can provide valuable advice and guidance on how to navigate the often-complex world of international trade successfully.

How to identify the right one?

At first, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of agents in the market. And you might think all of them are the same. 

But that's not true!

Every export agent in China has their own set of expertise. Many fake and inexperienced agents are also out there who will try to take advantage of the situation. 

So, you must be careful while selecting your Chinese export agent. That's why we have curated a list of 5 important considerations you must remember before finalizing your China export partner.

5 Important Considerations while Finalizing China Export Agent

Even if you are well-versed in international trade, it's always wise to be extra cautious while making important decisions. 

Make sure to add the below-mentioned considerations to your checklist when it comes to choosing a China export agent:

1. Registration Status of the Export Agent:

Always work with a registered export agent. It helps to ensure that the agent is qualified and knowledgeable about the Chinese market, rules & regulations, and the latest trends.

It also ensures their legal status in the market and your security too.

A Tip:

Don't forget to check the Export Control Law of China. It will help you to get a better understanding of their rules & regulations. And you can easily cross-check whether your export agent is following them or not.

But how to check the Chinese export agent's registration status?

It's pretty simple! 

Suppose you are planning to hire a Chinese company or an individual to handle your export activities. In that case, you can easily check their registration status on National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System (NECIPS) by entering their enterprise name or registration number.

Don't forget This:

Ensure that your export partner holds a valid Customs Registration Number (CR Number). Most business owners forget to check this, and later on, they regret it.

Why is CR Number important?

Only export agents holding CR Number are eligible to deal with customs, and it gives them the legal authority to handle your imports.

But wait!

That's not the only thing you need to consider. We have a lot more to share - stay with us!

2. Previous Experience in Logistics Management:

Will you ever allow someone to do surgery without any prior experience in the medical field? 

Probably not!

In fact, Obviously not!

So, why to take a risk with your business - after all, that's the whole thing you've been working for!

A Valuable Advice:

While looking for your China export agent, at some point, you might get impressed by the communication skill of a newbie, and you might think of giving them a chance. 

But wait - don't forget that communication skill is not the only factor that matters. 

The Right Way:

Suppose you want to import premium leather products from China. And now, after detailed research, you shortlist two export agents. One with zero experience charges $2000 with excellent communication skills, and another with 5 years of experience charges $2500. 

Which one will you choose?

We guess the experienced one, right?

The reason is simple - you don't want to risk your thousand dollars import just by getting impressed by the interpersonal skills or due to the budget margin of $500.

So, always go for the experienced China export agent - you won't regret it! 

3. Mention the Responsibilities of a China Export Agent in a Contract:

You need to understand the importance of a contract when it comes to official transactions in international trade. 

Always mention all the responsibilities of your export agent and ensure that both parties understand the terms & conditions of the contract. 

Here is why we are insisting on a written agreement.

Most of our clients who come to us claim that they got scammed by their previous export agent in China. After going through the whole scenario, most of the time, we found misunderstandings between both parties.

What do we mean by misunderstanding?

Here is a case study of one of our clients who previously had trouble importing his products from China. So, we are sharing it with you, of course with his consent, to help you avoid similar circumstances.

Background Scenario:

Our client was importing drones from China, and he verbally agreed with the China export manager that they would be responsible for everything from product development to shipment.

Point of Conflict:

Now the export agent is asking for an extra transportation fee which costs him $1500 while delivering the product from the manufacturing facility to the shipping port. 

Who is at fault?

In this case, you can't blame anyone, as the agreement was verbal. 

The point is - there can be a lot of complications due to misunderstandings from both sides. You might think it's the responsibility of your Chinese export agent, while they might think it's yours. 


Now, if the client had a written agreement mentioning that the exporter would be responsible for all transportation requirements, including the fees, he could have avoided this situation.

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4. Check the Agent’s Credibility:

The most important step we suggest while selecting the China export agent is checking their credibility.

So, how can you do it?

You can do a quick background check, which includes considering their past customer reviews and market reputation. 

Also, ensure they have a physical address, a valid business license, and active customer care.

A Suggestion:

We suggest you to prefer an agency over an individual export agent as it will provide you with more peace of mind. 

Except for shipping and logistics management, most leading contract manufacturing companies like Morpho MFG offer many other services like quality assurance, manufacturer onboarding, product development, etc.

So, why not choose a one-stop shop to get all the services - it makes the process smoother.

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5. Analyze the Communication & Problem Solving Ability:

Firstly, you need to understand the difference between customer support and customer care. 

Customer support helps you with technical issues, while customer care focuses on helping customers to solve their queries or problems. 

You need to understand that customer support without customer care is nothing.

A reliable export agent will always prioritize customer care - they will keep you updated with all the updates and respond quickly to your queries. 

As you know, in business, we say, "A problem solved is an opportunity won", so make sure that your China export agent can solve problems efficiently.

But how to ensure the problem-solving ability of the export agent?

You can just ask them to solve a hypothetical shipping scenario and check their response. Analyze their response, and prefer the ones who reply quickly with the best possible solution.

The Most Common Traps of Chinese Export Agents – Tips to Avoid Being Scammed!

Yes, I will get your $50,000 work done in just $30,000 - this is one of the most common traps run by Chinese export agents. 

If any sourcing company or Chinese export agent makes such offers, think twice before getting involved.

Being in the import & export business, you should know that if your whole product-sourcing project costs $50,000, then how can it be done for $30,000?

Most newbies fall for such traps just to save some bucks, but eventually, they lose everything!

Another Trap:

Hidden charges - they will never tell you upfront that there is an extra $5000 transportation fee at the time of product delivery. 

So, make sure to ask them upfront about all the hidden charges and get a written agreement.

The Solution:

The best solution to avoid such traps is to hire an ethical and professional Chinese export partner like Morpho MFG. Due to their direct relations with manufacturers, they can get you the best prices with zero hidden charges.

Wait, we are not done yet! 

What to make your product import more secure and successful?

You should have an approximate idea about your product's pricing and production time.

By doing this, you can easily suspect a trap if the offer comes with something too good to be true. 

Don't know how much it costs to manufacture your product in China?

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Looking For a Reliable China Export Agent – Do This!

You need to understand that an export agent is your representative in China, so you must be extra careful when choosing one. 

Your partner agency must be capable enough to resolve all your product-sourcing-related challenges while getting your products manufactured at affordable prices.

Why you should prefer a contract manufacturing company over an individual export agent?

You might be thinking, why do I need to partner with a company just to export my products from China?

Well, the answer is pretty simple - exporting goods from China involves several steps like quality control, coordination with a manufacturer, and finally, packing & shipping. 

And a reliable contract manufacturer can help you with all of it. 

They have a specialized team of professionals who can handle all the complex steps of product sourcing from China.

MorphoMFG is one of the most reliable contract manufacturers in China, having years of experience in offshore manufacturing and logistics management.

We have much more to offer - find the details in the next section!

Have a Look at How MorphoMFG Can Bring Business to Your Table

Morpho is much more than a conventional export agent. We provide optimized solutions to all your product-sourcing queries. 

Our whole process is transparent, and we take full responsibility for the successful completion of your project. 

Now, you must be confused about - what MorphoMFG can do for you.

Whether you are looking for a manufacturer or exporter, or both, we provide the best services:

Finding and selecting reliable manufacturers.

• Solving quality control issues.

• Managing and controlling the production process.

• Handling product paperwork and shipping documentation.

• Arranging safe and efficient product delivery.

Yes, you will find all of these services under one roof.

Isn't it hassle-free to outsource your whole manufacturing or product-sourcing process to a single company like Morpho MFG?

Or do you need separate agencies to manage each step?

How will you manage every service provider while focusing on the core business operations?

We think the decision is obvious! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Schedule a call with Morpho MFG today, and let us be your China export agent to take your business to the next level - while avoiding all the traps and frauds!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does a China Export Agent Charge?

The cost of a Chinese export agent depends on the project's scope. 

For example, an export agent charges differently for product sourcing and manufacturing than logistics services. 

At MorphoMFG, we offer an all-inclusive service package that includes both product sourcing and freight forwarding services - all at affordable prices. 

Of course, no hidden charges at all. So, you can expect a transparent and secure service from us. Visit our homepage to learn more about our services. 

Who is the Best Export Agent in China?

It's difficult to pinpoint the best export agent in China since there are many potential candidates and fake agents in the market. 

You might scroll across many articles on Google that mention "Top 10 China export agents" or "Top 5 sourcing agents in China."

But in reality, it all boils down to their services and how satisfied their clients are with those services. 

Why Us?

MorphoMFG is one of the most trusted names in China, with proven expertise in product sourcing and export-related services. 

We have +7 years of experience and successfully completed hundreds of projects with some leading brands. 

A Plus Point:

As we are physically based in Guangzhou, China, we have close ties with manufacturers and freight forwarders. 

This makes us a reliable partner to ensure the timely development and shipment of your products from China at affordable prices. 

Still have any queries? 

Schedule a call with us today, and our team of experts will be more than happy to answer your questions. Thanks for reading!

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