The Ultimate Guide to Electronics Manufacturing in China

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The electronics industry is currently one of the largest and fastest-evolving global industries, with an estimated value of $689.45 billion in 2021 (as reported by Fortune Business Insights). The increasing consumer demand has led to continuous innovation and competition in the electronics sector. Most companies turn to China for manufacturing services to meet the market demand. Such companies need to know how to get the best electronics manufacturing services in China.  

This guide to electronics manufacturing in China covers:

  • The keys to success for an electronics company
  • The role of the manufacturer
  • Materials and components
  • Product compliance
  • The electronics manufacturing process
  • Why you should manufacture electronics in China
  • The major challenges of electronics manufacturing in China
  • How to choose an electronics manufacturing company in China
  • How to manufacture your electronic products with MorphoMFG

The Keys to Success for an Electronics Company

Before learning about the electronics manufacturing industry in China, let’s ensure that you have the key factors to success in place:

Product-Market Fit: You should aim to meet a specific need or provide value to a particular group of people while developing your product. Having a clear picture of your target market will help you build your product specifications and features during the design phase.

High-Quality Products: When consumers (or enterprises) purchase and use your product, they should want to purchase another product from you. You can ensure that by accessing only the highest-quality electronics manufacturing services you can find within your budget.

Good Branding/Marketing: This is a crucial factor for the success of any electronics company. What is your product, and what makes it stand out from your competitor’s products? You should outline your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) clearly.

Research and Development: Any business that does not evolve is bound to be left behind as customers seek new and improved products to meet their evolving needs. Research and development ensure constant innovation.

Smart Pricing: Smart pricing involves understanding your target market and where you fit in their budget. It is also strongly influenced by input costs and the scale of manufacturing. Input costs include materials, parts, components, and subassemblies required to manufacture the product.

Additionally, your pricing should match the quality of your products. No matter the cost of your product, your customer should feel like they are getting their money’s worth or more. It is critical to work with an experienced professional to get your prices right.

The Role of the Electronics Manufacturer

Electronics manufacturing companies in China offer different services and start product development at various stages of the standard electronics manufacturing process. Some companies will require you to approach them with final design documents so that they can begin the mass production phase. The reason is that such companies want to make their services as cheap as possible.

While they could design your product idea for free, they need to raise their rates to pay for design services. Raising rates would drive most clients to cheaper companies.

On the other hand, other Chinese electronics manufacturing service companies also offer product design and testing services in addition to mass production. You will be required to attend consultation sessions with their product engineers and provide your product descriptions.

The engineers ensure your production strategy, budget, and timelines are sound. They also offer advice and suggest improvements wherever necessary. It is essential to test your electronic product and correct any design defects before manufacturing. You could do that yourself if you are an expert.

However, if you are not experienced, it would benefit you to ask for product testing services from your manufacturer. This way, you can avoid finding out later that your product could have been made cheaper, better, or both.

The following section further explains what you can expect from the manufacturer.

Materials and Components Choice: Chinese electronics manufacturers produce goods that meet their customer’s product requirements and specifications.

A product specification is a document that defines the key functionality, design, and durability requirements for a new product. The most common electronic product specifications include:

  • Battery type (e.g., Li-Po 4400 mAh)
  • Display resolution (e.g., 1080 x 2460 pixels)
  • CPU (e.g., Octa-core)
  • Dimensions (e.g., 163.6 x 74.3 x 8.9 mm)
  • Total speaker output (e.g., 20 watts)
  • Voltage requirement (e.g., 100 - 240 volts)
  • Running power consumption (e.g., 85 watts)

These are just a few examples of specifications for electronic products. Since there is a wide range of electronic products ranging from computers and televisions to phones and tablets, the specifications vary greatly.

Design Customization: Most electronics manufacturing companies in China can design your product idea or manufacture it according to the design files you present to them.

Product Compliance: The Chinese electronics manufacturer you choose should be aware of all the applicable product regulations in the European Union and the United States and comply with them. Regulations such as REACH, RoHS, and California Proposition 65 provide directives for restricted materials like lead, phthalates, and calcium.

Quality Control: The electronics manufacturing company should be committed to producing quality products. Their commitment is proven by the availability of established quality checking procedures for incoming materials, components, and produced goods.

Sound Management: The manufacturer should manage the entire electronics manufacturing process and ensure good communication with their client. They should have a predefined management procedure for consultation, onboarding, development, mass production, and shipping.  

The Electronics Manufacturing Process

It is important to know the electronics manufacturing process you will likely undergo while seeking electronics manufacturing services in China. Although each manufacturer’s process differs, there are some general steps that every electronics manufacturing company is likely to follow while creating your product. Each of the steps is described below.


Product design is the first step of the electronics manufacturing process. It starts with studying and understanding the client’s specifications and the product requirements. The requirements and specifications are based on the needs the final product should meet.

The next step in this phase is researching existing products and exploring the materials and components. Materials and components have cost and performance implications.

After that, the manufacturer comes up with a schematic, packaging, and printed circuit board (PCB) design before developing a final product prototype.


This phase is crucial; you should never skip it! It helps you discover any defects in the product design. It also includes assessing compliance with safety and quality guidelines, investigating failures, environmental testing (e.g., IP rating compliance), in-circuit testing, and functional testing. Mass production without testing could result in massive losses if there are any design defects.

Mass Production

Mass production is divided into PCB manufacturing and electronics product manufacturing. The PCB holds the processors and microelectronics that are interconnected by electrical circuits. The microelectronics on the PCB include resistors and transistors, among others. Most companies specializing in PCB manufacturing hire electrical/electronics engineers to design and oversee the development of the circuit boards. 

The company you will most likely approach to design and produce your final product specializes in electronics product manufacturing. These companies outsource PCB design to other companies.

They then develop the housing that packages the ready-made PCBs and other features of the electronic device that address functionality and aesthetic requirements.  

When all the above phases are considered, the final manufacturing checklist could look like this:

  • Concept
  • Similar product and components research
  • Overall product’s circuit design
  • PCB design and manufacture
  • Packaging design
  • Prototyping
  • Review
  • Mass production
  • Documentation
  • Compliance testing
  • Logistics and supply chain management

Why You Should Manufacture Electronics in China

China is the global products manufacturing hub, owing to the exponential expansion of internal and external markets that led to the exportation of most China-manufactured electronics. More than half of the world’s mobile phones are made in China, along with almost every PCB.

The section below covers the benefits of manufacturing electronics in China. 

High Quality

Chinese electronics manufacturers have had a bad rap in the manufacturing space for a while now. Many people are falsely led to believe that China only has low-quality products. While China did produce cheap, low-quality products around the 80s and 90s, the reason was to meet the massive demand for mass-produced low-quality products.

While there are still low-quality products exported from China, the country has manufactured high-quality products for close to two decades now. China’s high-quality products have even attracted business from the most prominent global brands, including Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, Tesla, Apple, Vender, Volkswagen, and DJI.


One of the most significant advantages that draws product owners to manufacture their products in China is the low cost of production compared to Western countries. China owes the low cost of production mainly to cheap and abundant labor. Lowering the cost of production often translates to an increase in sales.

How To Choose an Electronics Manufacturing Company in China

While searching for manufacturing services in China, the main question you should seek to answer is, “Is the company the right fit for you?” This section is a general guideline on choosing an electronics manufacturing company in China that is a good fit for your business.

Product Design Services

As mentioned before, product design is the first step of the electronics manufacturing process. After the design, the next step is developing and testing the prototype to correct errors before manufacturing.

When choosing a manufacturing company, it is essential to consider what step you want the company to start from. Some companies offer design and testing services, while others do not.

Suppose you have already designed and tested your product. In that case, you can choose almost any company. Suppose you have not completed the first step. In that case, it will benefit you more to seek manufacturing services from companies that offer the entire package.

Product Compliance

Importers of Chinese-manufactured electronics in the EU and US must ensure that the products they import are compliant with product regulations. The law holds the importers responsible for non-compliance. They may be fined heavily or have their products forcefully recalled.

However, ensuring your Chinese electronics manufacturer complies with regulations in your region is easier said than done. Manufacturers may assemble components from numerous subcontractors to develop your product. It is taxing to ensure that all components comply with product regulations.

Most other suppliers also manufacture products with excessive amounts of restricted chemicals such as calcium and lead because they are unaware of product regulations in different territories.

Select a manufacturer with proven compliance with EU and US substance directives. Additionally, since previous compliance is not a guarantee for future compliance, you should always submit batches of your product for compliance testing to avoid releasing non-compliant goods to the market.

Mass Production Capacity

Responding to demand is one of the key factors of success for any electronics company. You should be able to scale production when demand surges. In such situations, supplier delays and lengthy back orders would kill your company’s growth momentum.

Therefore, you must prepare well for scalability and select a supplier who can mass-produce and help you meet increasing demand.

Manufacture Your Electronic Products With Morpho MFG

MorphoMFG is one of China’s best electronics manufacturing companies with a longstanding high-quality and product innovation support history. The company owes its immense success to the following factors:

  • Scope of Services: As our slogan goes, “Finding a manufacturer in China is easy. Everything else isn’t.” Poor communication with your manufacturer, poor planning, and poor choice of a manufacturer can all stand in the way of achieving your manufacturing objectives. MorphoMFG is here to handle all manufacturing activities for you and advise you along the way to ensure you make the right decisions for your company. We will help with negotiations, quality assurance/control, mass production, and supply chain management.
  • Quality Assurance: We are committed to offering you nothing short of product perfection. We aim to achieve exceptional quality control to protect you and your business from error. Our Quality Control Standard Document defines the requirements that we strive to achieve. The document holds us accountable for any mistakes or diversion from the requirements. Also, our Quality Control department works around the clock to achieve the high standards defined in the Quality Control Standard Document.

Other equally important factors that make MorphoMFG stand out from other electronics manufacturing companies in China include:

  • The range of certifications secured
  • Industry-leading IP protection services
  • Competitive costing
  • Technical abilities of our vetted factories
  • Strength of production capability, material, and component procurement

We love innovation at MorphoMFG. If you have a product idea in mind and would like someone to hold your hand and handle all activities from design to supply and logistics, look no further. We make the process fast and seamless!

On the other hand, if your goal is cost-effectiveness and you want to move your existing manufacturing from your incumbent solution to something cheaper and more reliable, we are also here for you.

MorphoMFG is your One-Stop-Shop for electronics manufacturing in China. Start a conversation today to learn how we can help you give your product ideas life and achieve your manufacturing goals.

Suppose you are already convinced that we are a match for your company’s needs; book a call here to become a client. We would love to have you on board!

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