Finding a Manufacturer In China is Easy. Everything Else Isn't.

Finding a Manufacturer In China is Easy. Everything Else Isn't.

With Specialist Teams Dedicated To Engineering & Development, Prototyping, Molds & Tooling, Pilot Runs & Mass Production, This is a Partnership That Grows As Your Business Does.

With specialist teams dedicated to prototyping, engineering, mass producing and QCing your product in China, this is a partnership that grows as your business does.

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There’s a reason why we are recommended by Kickstarter and Indiegogo. You can find out by listening to the voicemails and watching the video interviews with our clients.

A process that takes the sting out of manufacturing’s inevitable complexities...

From initial consultation through to shipping & logistics, we handle the entire manufacturing process from start to finish. 

With your new eyes on the ground in China, you’ll be able to confidently meet the growing demand for your product, with our specialist teams working alongside you every step of the way.


It doesn’t matter how good the plan for the product is, if the plan isn’t executed properly. Poor communication is the biggest pain point when it comes to manufacturing in China, and it’s the reason why so many great ideas fall short at execution. When our experts take you through our 3 phase process, we ensure that your budget, timelines and overall strategy is sound, and offer improvements and ideas along the way.


Every choice you make with your product has a consequence, and every decision made will make another decision impossible to make. There are so many ways to build the same product and so many different options for specialization - it can become overwhelming. Our onboarding process gives you the feedback needed to choose the right path for you and your product. 


Development could mean a simple Design for Manufacturing (DFM) review, or you may want to go through our entire design & prototyping process. Either way, our goal is to simplify, optimize and refine your designs to create better products at lower costs.

Mass Production

Your business can only grow as fast as its supply chains, and nothing kills momentum faster than lengthy back orders and supplier delays. Success at the mass production stage is dependent upon good preparation and supplier selection - get that right and you’ll be ready to scale production as soon as there’s a surge in demand.  

Quality Control

Problems in manufacturing are inevitable, but good quality control is a system that will protect you and your business from error. It all starts with the Quality Control Standard Document, which picks up the smallest mistakes and holds the factory accountable. It ends with our inhouse QC department - who are fighting for perfection at every step of the way.

Shipping & Logistics

As your manufacturing partner, we offer a turnkey solution that handles every aspect of your business’s fulfillment. You may not know the difference between ExWorks, FOB and DDP, and which would be better for you. If so, you can let us simplify the process for you, but you will always have the option of handling it yourself if you so choose.

Case Studies

Case Studies

WhisperKool provides innovative cooling systems for wine cellars, with over $3 billion+ in wine investments protected. I originally flew to China to meet with the entire team at MorphoMFG – it’s nice to have built such a great relationship with them and to know that they have our best interests at heart. The quality of their work is always consistent, whilst also being at a competitive price. They help us with negotiations, supply chain management, QA & QC, and mass production.

Christian Bromme

CEO at WhisperKool

“MorphoMFG did an incredible job when handling the design, prototyping, molds and mass production for Ecobloom. I was pretty concerned about QCing something as delicate as an eco-friendly fish tank that feeds itself! But I’m extremely happy with the end result and they have built out a great process for us – allowing us to consistently ship out high quality versions of the product.”

Hamza Qadoumi

CEO at EcoBloom

“You don’t need to find a manufacturer in China, you need to find someone who can put all the pieces together for you… MorphoMFG is that company.”

Zac Park

CEO at CubCoats

Manufacturing with the Component Control Method

Our CEO visited 3 factories every day by himself for the first two years he was in China. Now we have a team of charismatic Chinese negotiators and bi-lingual westerners, expanding the supply chain that he created.

The Component Control Method is a methodology we created from this experience - created to protect your IP and maximize the quality of the components involved in your product idea.

You can hear the story of how we got started and learn our strategies in our in-depth guide to manufacturing in China

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Our quoting process sets itself apart due to its incredible detail as we focus our expertise on setting our clients up for a perfect manufacturing run in China. Here, you’ll see real examples of our quotes and witness what it takes to not only secure accurate numbers and projections for your product idea but stick to them, too.


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In 2020, the global leather goods market size was valued at more than $394 billion (USD) and it’s expected to reach $626 billion by 2028. China has the lion’s share when it comes to global leather production, here’s why.


Want to avoid having to recall thousands of electronic product units due to excessive amounts of calcium or lead? This guide will help you avoid partnering with a manufacturer in China that has zero idea (or concern) for the market or import regulations vital to your business’ success.


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