June 12, 2023

Made in PRC Meaning: A Contextual Overview

One of the most common labels seen on manufactured products is the one that says ‘made in PRC.’ Unfortunately, many people are still unfamiliar with this label or associate it with negative connotations. In this article, we’ll discuss the ‘Made in PRC’ meaning and dispel some of the misconceptions around it.

What Does Made in PRC Mean?

Made in PRC means made in the People’s Republic of China. This label has replaced the Old ‘Made in China’ label that we were all familiar with.

Why Is China Replacing the Made in China Label With the Made in PRC Label?

The reasoning behind this change in branding is simply a marketing strategy. Over the years, ‘Made in China’ products have become associated with inferior quality. Although China is a world leader in the manufacturing industry, that negative connotation can have unwanted results on the saleability of products made in China.

Changing the label to say ‘Made in PRC’ or ‘Made in the People’s Republic of China’ is an attempt to associate the products with better quality inspection and high-quality manufacturing parts. In short, they hope that people won’t look at the products with the same disdain that people look at products labeled ‘Made in China.’

Historical Challenges and Misconceptions About Chinese Manufacturers

Unfortunately, Chinese suppliers often get a bad rap for various reasons. However, many of these are due to preconditioning and negative assumptions rather than actual problems. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common problems experienced by Chinese brands and brands who manufacture their products using Chinese suppliers.

Misconception Number One: China Only Produces Poor Quality Products

There are many Chinese manufacturers, and it’s true that some of them produce products that are of poor quality. However, many Chinese products are high-quality goods. Some of the most well-known and beloved brands in the world use Chinese manufacturers to produce their products. And these companies have a stellar reputation for producing high-quality products of the best raw materials.

So where does the idea come from that you only get low-quality Chinese products? Since before the made-in-PRC label, when we were all familiar with the made-in-China label, some companies have had little to no interest in producing high-quality products. The cheapest place to produce low-quality products in high quantities that you can sell over and over again at low prices is China.

Unfortunately, the fact that many companies wanted to produce low-quality products cheaply also meant that the Made in PRC or China label became synonymous with low-quality goods.

That’s not to say that all Chinese manufacturers are trustworthy or produce high-quality goods. However, the same can be said of any country label.

Misconception Number Two: All Chinese Products Are Cheap To Manufacture

Just as there’s no one specific truth to the quality of products manufactured in China, not all Chinese goods are cheap products. At the same time, not all cheap products are good. The key is to find a manufacturer that will produce high-quality products at an acceptable price.

Misconception Number Three: The ‘Made in PRC’ Label Is Exactly the Same as the Made in China Label

Since the change from the China label to the People’s Republic of China label, Chinese manufacturing and assembly plants have struggled to emphasize the shift. The marketing idea is that the new label generally indicates that the manufacturers are aiming at a higher quality product.

Unfortunately, many people perceive PRC products with the same preconception that they had for the made-in-China label. This is probably one of the biggest challenges facing several Chinese manufacturers. They’re struggling to shift perceptions.

That said, not all made-in-PRC labels actually represent an improved product. It’s a bit of a mixed bag. As with any country, some manufacturers will be fantastic, and others won’t. The label really tells you little to nothing about the quality of the product in question.

Misconception Number Four: ‘Made in PRC’ Products Are Really Just Imitations of Famous Brands

Many people believe that made in PRC are generally simply imitations of European brands or other famous brands on the global market. This isn’t true, and several Chinese brands have built a reputation in their own right.

The issue isn’t really with the Chinese manufacturing plants that only produce imitation products. Instead, it’s how many companies and brands pay Chinese manufacturers to create imitation products.

Since many people want to own top-of-the-line brands and products, there is always a market for knockoffs and imitations. On the other hand, China is one of the countries that makes the production process the cheapest.

When you combine these two precepts, you get a lot of imitation products produced in China. This is not because China can only produce imitation products but because there is such a great demand for them.

In reality, Made in China products run the gambit. From toys to high-quality tech, their abilities are endless.

Misconception Number Five: You Can Only Accomplish Successful Manufacturing in China if You Have Personal Connections

One of the most prevalent misconceptions about manufacturing in China is that you need to personally know people in the country to manufacture there successfully. While it’s easy to see why it may seem that way, this is an untrue statement.

The main driving force behind the misconception is the difficulty that accompanies the language barrier. While the official name of the country may have changed, many of the old challenges remain. The language barrier is one of them.

However, this problem is easy to circumvent by hiring a company like Morpho MFG. Thanks to our network of trustworthy and professional manufacturers, and the fact that we have Chinese-speaking members of staff, we can easily facilitate your manufacturing needs in China.

Misconception Number Six: Products Made in PRC Are More Fragile or Breakable

If you ask many people about the made in PRC meaning, they’ll tell you that these products are more fragile or breakable. In general, there is a misconception that products manufactured in China aren’t as long-lasting.

However, some of the most trusted global electronics brands have their items produced in China. This includes technological giants like Apple and clothing brands like Adidas and Abercrombie and Fitch.

Accordingly, it is a misconception to say that products made in PRC are more susceptible to breaking or more fragile. It really depends on which Chinese manufacturing company you use, as well as the quality of the base materials used in the manufacturing process.

Misconception Number Eight: Manufacturers in China Only Use Low-Quality Products for the Manufacturing Process

As with the other misconceptions on this list, this is truly an unfair generalization. As with any business, the quality of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process can come from any one of an array of sources.

In some cases, the person ordering the products may actually be the one responsible for choosing which Chinese suppliers produce the base materials. In other cases, the manufacturer may be responsible for sourcing the materials used in the process.

What it all comes down to is this: have you chosen a reliable manufacturing company in China? If you have, you can 100% rely on that company to source the best possible base materials for manufacturing your products. If you haven’t, anything is possible. However, the same is true of manufacturing companies in any other country.

Misconception Number Eight: Chinese Companies Don’t Want To Work With Foreigners

Many people think that Chinese people are averse to working with people from other countries. Essentially, this is because many Chinese people struggle with the English language, so there is a significant language barrier.

However, the Chinese government actually encourages the export of goods from China because it leads to an improved Chinese economy. If you work with a sourcing company, you probably won’t have to struggle with the language barrier and other issues that can lead to disastrous results and make you feel like Chinese factories don’t want to work with you.

Advantages of Having Products Manufactured in China

Why is it so popular to have products imported from China? There are many reasons for this, so let’s take a quick look at some of the reasons why Chinese sellers are so popular.

1 – Cheap Labor Costs

For many different reasons, the People’s Republic of China is able to provide incredibly cheap labor. For this reason, China produces products at much lower costs than many other countries.

This means that there is a high demand for made-in-PRC products. Since Chinese workers earn less, the ability of Chinese companies to produce products at low cost if given the appropriate manufacturing materials has proven to be one of the keystones behind China’s infrastructure expansion.

2 – High Production Speeds

An important part of the marketing strategy for the People’s Republic of China is the fact that they can produce PRC Products extremely quickly. This is because the Chinese manufacturing sector has multiple large manufacturing facilities enabling them to produce the same products at a percentage of the time spent.

Is It Worth Having Products Manufactured in the People’s Republic of China?

made in prc wood engravingPRC products can absolutely be worthwhile as long as you connect with the right Chinese dealer and manufacturing plant. We won’t lie to you, though, ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in PRC’ labeled products can go either way. The key is to use only the most trustworthy manufacturing plants.

But how do you know which Chinese suppliers and manufacturing plants to trust? It’s not easy, and there are so many production companies in China that it can take a lifetime to sort through them all.

How To Ensure That You Connect With the Right Manufacturing Plant or Supplier

If you want to produce made-in-PRC products, you need to connect with experts in the manufacturing field. As a novice in the field, this can seem like quite an impossible task. However, you can have your products made in PRC without running into the wrong manufacturing plants or making a million mistakes.

How do you do that? It’s pretty simple, really; just partner with a company like Morpho MFG. We’ve built up an extensive network of Chinese suppliers and manufacturers, so you don’t have to.

Each of the companies we recommend has been carefully vetted and is an expert in their respective field. So, whether you plan to produce toys, tech, or even clothing, we can connect you with the appropriate manufacturing plants and help you make the most of that ‘Made in China’ or ‘Made in PRC’ origin label.

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