April 1, 2023

Outsourcing Manufacturing to China – A Smart Business Decision

Imagine this: You're running a business, and everything is going great, except for one thing - manufacturing. You've got high costs, limited capacity, and struggling to meet demand. 

It's enough to make you want to pull your hair out, right? 

Well, fear not, my friend, because there's a solution that's taken the business world by storm - outsourcing manufacturing to China. 

Yes, you heard that right - China!


The land of pandas, dumplings, and innovation. But before you dismiss it as just another passing trend, hear me out. 

Do You Know?

According to the statistics provided by Statista, "The Chinese manufacturing sector is projected to generate $18.17 trillion revenue in 2023 and is expected to reach $20.15 trillion by 2025 with an average CAGR of 2.85%."

And you know what's more interesting?

Made in China 2025 plan is about to revolutionize the whole manufacturing industry as 80% of the goals are already achieved till now. The manufacturing sector in China is transforming itself in terms of innovation, green manufacturing, and strengthening intellectual property (IP) protection rights.

So, outsourcing manufacturing to China can be a smart business decision. China has the infrastructure, resources, and technology to produce quality innovative products at a fraction of most other countries costs. So settle in and join us as we explore how smart sourcing from China yields good dividends!

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Outsourcing Manufacturing to China - Makes Sense or Not?

So, why outsource manufacturing to China? 

For starters, it's affordable - like really affordable!

Do you know how your accountant always tells you to cut costs? Well, outsourcing to China is like the ultimate cost-cutting measure. So no more worries about your girlfriend's extra shopping. And who doesn't love the sound of that - especially your accountant and girlfriend, for sure!

What's More?

But it's not just about the money. China's wealth of skilled labor can produce quality products using the latest technology. As such, it also offers shorter lead times and quicker product delivery cycles than other countries. 

Need a hundred widgets made by tomorrow?


No problem - your manufacturing partner in China will have them ready faster than you can say "dim sum". 

Plus, they've been doing this for a long time, so they know what they're doing. It's like having a factory on speed dial.

Now your only concern is scalability - right?

Well, you can rest easy because you can quickly ramp up production to meet demand without breaking a sweat by outsourcing manufacturing to China. No more sleepless nights worrying about whether you can meet your customers' needs. 

You'll have peace of mind knowing that your manufacturing partner in China has got your back.

The Other Side:

But there's not always sunshine and rainbows. Outsourcing manufacturing to China does come with its risks. 

You'll have to deal with language barriers, varying intellectual property protection laws, and several fake product manufacturers. 

And then there's the issue of tariffs and duties. The US-China Trade War has complicated things a bit, and you'll need to be aware of any changes in the rules.


The Solution:

What we think is - no one understands the market better than the one who has been in it for a long time. And for this, MorphoMFG is the ultimate partner with +7 years of experience in contract manufacturing and several physical offices in Guangzhou, China. 

So, if you are aware of the things mentioned above or lack experience - better to hand it over to experts.

But before all of this, you should know what offshore manufacturing is and how it works in China. For this - we recommend reading our latest blog post!

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Making the Most Out of Outsourcing Manufacturing to China – The Most Feasible Way!

Now that we've established why outsourcing manufacturing to China makes sense let's talk about how to make the most of it. 

The Key:

The key is finding the right manufacturing partner. You want someone reliable, experienced, and with a record of producing high-quality goods. 

But how do you find this magical partner? It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, right?

Well, fear not, my friend, because that's where contract manufacturers come in. 

Contract manufacturers are like matchmakers - they'll help you find the perfect manufacturing partner in China. They have established relationships with factories, so they can connect you with a partner who meets your needs and budget. 

Plus, they'll handle all the logistics so that you can focus on other aspects of your business. It's like having a personal assistant for your manufacturing needs.

A Random Thought:

You might be thinking - why do we suggest having a manufacturing partner firsthand?


Well, here we're talking about the most feasible solution!

You can do it yourself but wait a moment and think - Do you have enough experience and resources to handle all of this? And what about your time? Do you have enough of it? 

Finding a suitable manufacturer is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of research and effort is needed to identify the right one for your needs. 

Still, if you want to learn more about finding a suitable Chinese manufacturer to whom you will outsource manufacturing - Check our related blog post at the end of this section!

The Other Side:

But here's the thing - you can't just hire a contract manufacturer and call it a day. You need to set clear expectations and communicate effectively. 

Think of it like a long-distance relationship - communication is key.

Make sure you have a solid understanding of the manufacturing process, timelines, and quality control measures. And don't be afraid to ask questions or voice concerns. Your manufacturing partner wants to succeed just as much as you do, so they'll appreciate the feedback.

A Tip:

Before collaborating with any contract manufacturer who will be going to handle your entire offshore manufacturing process, make sure the following things:

  • Who will be responsible for any quality issues that may arise?

  • What kind of final product inspections are available?

  • How do they address IP (Intellectual Property) protection?

  • Are there any hidden fees?

Make sure to ask as many questions as you need to get a clear picture of the process.

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Overcoming Challenges When Outsourcing Manufacturing to China

As you know - Achievements come with challenges. And outsourcing manufacturing to China is no exception. 

It may be tempting to jump right into the procurement process, but potential pitfalls can come with it. 

From language barriers and unfamiliar cultural norms to understanding Chinese laws and regulations, there are many things you need to think about before outsourcing your manufacturing needs.

1. Language Barrier:

One of the biggest challenges is the language barrier. Mandarin may sound like a beautiful language, but it's another ballgame when you're trying to negotiate a contract or discuss technical specifications. 

It's like trying to order dim sum without knowing the menu - you may end up with a surprise you didn't expect.

2. Quality Control:

You might also find it hard to maintain the quality of your product - Why?

Let me give you an example: Say you're sourcing a product from a factory in China, and the quality isn't up to your standards. You can't just go down to their office and check on things - they might be halfway around the world! 

That's why it's important to have quality control measures in place, like random inspections of your products to ensure they meet your standards.

3. IP Protection:

Finally, there might be some issues when it comes to Intellectual Property (IP) protection - you don't want a third party getting their hands on your product design or other sensitive information. 

You just simply can't trust everyone, right?

That's why it's important to have a contract manufacturer who cracked the code - in terms of IP protection measures.

The Solution:

But don't let these challenges discourage you from outsourcing to China. With the right strategy and approach, you can overcome them. MorphoMFG is the perfect place to address all these issues. 

We have a bi-lingual team who make sure all your instructions are correctly understood and executed. Our quality control professionals have years of experience in checking and certifying the quality of the products. They will manage your product quality by conducting random tests and inspections throughout the process. 

The Best Part:

We have a robust IP protection system called the "Component Control Method" - designed to keep your products and designs safe from any potential threats. 

Successful Case Studies of Outsource Manufacturing in China – Handled by MorphoMFG

At MorphoMFG, we've helped countless businesses successfully outsource their manufacturing to China. 

Logan - Rokblok:

One of our success stories is Logan from Rokblok, featured in season 9 of Shark Tank. Logan had a great product idea of the world's smallest wireless record player, but he needed help with the manufacturing process. 

That's where we came in - we handled his whole manufacturing process in China, from onboarding the manufacturer to quality control and shipping.

Thanks to our partnership, Logan successfully launched his product and grew his business. He even sold 100% of his equity for $500,000, with a 2-year job contract and a royalty fee of $5 per unit sold. It's like hitting the jackpot - a true success story!

Christian Bromme - WhisperKool:

Christian Bromme, CEO of WhisperKool, knows that quality is key when it comes to cooling systems for wine cellars. That's why he turned to MorphoMFG to handle his manufacturing needs in China.

With over $3 billion in wine investments protected by WhisperKool's innovative cooling systems, it was essential for Christian to work with a manufacturing partner who could deliver consistent quality at a competitive price. And with us, he found just that.

Christian flew to China to meet with our entire team, and he was impressed by our dedication and commitment to providing top-notch service. From negotiations to supply chain management to quality assurance and control, MorphoMFG was there every step of the way to ensure WhisperKool's products met the highest standards.

But Logan and Christian are not the only success stories we have. We've helped businesses across various industries, from electronics to fashion, bring their ideas to life.

If interested, you can visit our review page - where you will find many of our successfully completed projects - including Rokblok and WhisperKool.

MorphoMFG - Your Go-to Partner for Outsourcing Manufacturing to China

As you already know a lot about us, let's not go through a lengthy sales pitch. We are confident that our expertise and experience in this field will make us your reliable partner for all things related to manufacturing in China.

You can count on us for the following:

  • Consultation & Manufacturer Onboarding

  • Product Design and Prototyping 

  • Mass Production

  • Quality Control

  • Logistics & Shipping

We understand that you have a lot of demands and requirements for your products, and we are here to ensure that all of them are met. 

Schedule a call with us today, and let us show you how we can help make your journey of outsourcing manufacturing to China successful. 

On A Lighter Note:

Partner with Morpho and go shopping with your girlfriend stress-free!


That's all for today - thanks for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is China the Preferred Destination to Outsource Manufacturing?

As a vast, complex, and rapidly growing nation with some of the most competitive manufacturing costs, China continues to be the preferred destination for many companies that outsource their production needs. 

Do You Know?

China is leading the world's manufacturing sector by contributing 30% of the overall global manufacturing output and is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Manufacturing is on a fever pitch in China—from telecommunications equipment and refrigerators to apparel and electronics—so there's something for everyone looking for reliable options outside their country. 

All you need is a reliable partner who understands the nuances of the Chinese manufacturing sector and can help you navigate through it. That's where MorphoMFG comes in. Reach out to us, and let's get started today! 

How Much Does Outsourcing Manufacturing to China Cost?

Outsourcing manufacturing to China can have an array of costs associated with it, including raw material costs, labor costs, and transportation charges. 

Although outsourcing manufacturing to this specific country is thought to be more cost-effective than manufacturing locally, it's important to remember that the final bill often turns out to be larger than expected. 


Because most businesses still think about China as it was back in the 90s when they used traditional manufacturing methods, and the labor costs were really low. But now, those days are over, and China is no longer a cheap manufacturing destination compared to other countries in the region. However, it's still affordable among its competitors like the U.S., Canada, Japan, and South Korea.

If you are comparing China's manufacturing capabilities with India, Taiwan, Indonesia, or Vietnam, that's not a fair comparison.

Manufacturing in China is much more mature now and is competing against the world's leading manufacturing countries - in terms of innovation and quality.

An Average Cost:

You can't get an exact figure of the costs associated with outsourcing manufacturing to China, as it always depends on your product type, specifications, and quantities. 

But, as a general guideline, check out our pricing guide that will give you an idea of what to expect while outsourcing manufacturing to China.

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