Manufacturing Pricing: Discover the Real Costs for Custom ODM Products in China

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How We Determine Price Quotes: A Lens Into The Process

When you partner with MorphoMFG, you gain access to our deep understanding of Chinese culture and business practices, ensuring successful ODM projects tailored to your needs

Curious About The Costs Involved?

Here are real quotes provided to our clients, ranging from $1,150 to $231,680


Luxury Playmat (Textile)

This low-cost development quote is possible given that textile projects require minimal tooling and prototyping. With the client providing design and pattern, and using off-the-shelf packaging, the focus was on creating a simple and cost-effective product.


Kids’ Game (Electronic)

Starting from the conceptualization stage, this project required comprehensive development, including design, prototyping, and electrical engineering. A project of this nature is only taken on if there is a strong understanding of front-end business and a clear business plan is in place. With our expertise and proximity to the Pearl River Delta, we successfully brought this product to market, resulting in rapid business growth.


Board Game (Paper)

This quote covered the prototyping phase, tooling, and die-cut design. Despite encountering challenges like color matching and tooling upgrades, our team resolved them efficiently, ensuring a high-quality product for our client.


Electronic Seasoning (Metal)

For this complex project involving metal, plastic, electronics, and motors, our team had to carry out a complete redesign to ensure a manufacturing-friendly design. While this project faced initial issues due to an unusable prototype, we turned it around and supported our client in securing funding. While we could have saved the client time and money if we had worked with them from the start, we were happy they came to us when they did.


High Tolerance Plastics Project

With VC funding requirements in mind, this project involved multiple molds and meticulous feasibility study and re-design processes. By leveraging our connections and expertise, we provided accurate cost estimates and helped our client secure funding successfully.

At MorphoMFG, we understand that each project is unique, and costs can vary accordingly. Our transparent approach ensures you receive accurate quotes and reliable numbers to build your business plan upon. As your partner in business, our commitment is to your success.

Can’t I Just Get A Free Quote Within A Day Elsewhere?

 Yes, but will it be reliable as your business begins to scale? There are far too many factors that go into manufacturing a product for anyone to be able to provide an accurate quote that quickly. Beware of these fast and free quotes as they often lead to unexpected costs or unreliable estimates.

How do I get accurate quotes for manufacturing projects?

Partner with MorphoMFG for a comprehensive onboarding process, allowing our team of experts to provide you with reliable cost estimates through diligent research and analysis. If you’re far along in development, you’re just a few steps away from an accurate quote. But if you’re only sitting with an idea, you’ll need to further refine your product and have the necessary files created to get started. Either way, Morpho is here for you when you’re ready.

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