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client reviews

MorphoMFG Reviews From Our Clients

WhisperKool provides innovative cooling systems for wine cellars, with over $3 billion+ in wine investments protected. I originally flew to China to meet with the entire team at MorphoMFG – it’s nice to have built such a great relationship with them and to know that they have our best interests at heart. The quality of their work is always consistent, whilst also being at a competitive price. They help us with negotiations, supply chain management, QA & QC, and mass production.

Christian Bromme

CEO at WhisperKool

“MorphoMFG did an incredible job when handling the design, prototyping, molds and mass production for Ecobloom. I was pretty concerned about QCing something as delicate as an eco-friendly fish tank that feeds itself! But I’m extremely happy with the end result and they have built out a great process for us – allowing us to consistently ship out high quality versions of the product.”

Hamza Qadoumi

CEO at EcoBloom

“You don’t need to find a manufacturer in China, you need to find someone who can put all the pieces together for you… MorphoMFG is that company.”

Zac Park

CEO at CubCoats

MorphoMFG built the entire supply chain in China from scratch for our customizable notebook – which was designed to help people hit their goals. It has made my life so much easier by having someone in China who I can trust to manage all of the logistics

Omer Matityahu

CEO at The Perfect Notebook

Fluff Trough is an elevated feeder designed for flat-faced breeds and pets with medical issues. MorphoMFG improved the design of my product, handled molding and now we are at mass production. Their communication has been flawless from start to finish.

Debra Ann

CEO at Fluff Trough

After getting funded on Kickstarter back in December 2016, we turned to MorphoMFG for all things manufacturing related, starting with the prototype. With their help, we were able to take our successful campaign and turn it into a real business. We started off with a high quality spoon for cocktail enthusiasts. 4 years later, and our cocktail brand has evolved into something that even the best bartenders are proud to use.

Rachel & Shawn

CEO at Standard Spoon

"I was originally working with a sourcing company based out of China for my shavette style straight razors – aimed at barbershops. But, I realised it wasn’t going the way I wanted. So I reached out to MorphoMFG and they helped me take control of the supply chain, it didn’t take long until we had a successful mass production process in place."

Jerome Shanklin

CEO at Shanks

We created the latest and smartest pulse oximeter device to help small babies and children who suffer from heart abnormalities. I went to MorphoMFG with nothing more than the idea, and they provided turnkey solutions from proof of concept, design files to branding and mass production as well as acquiring certifications such as CE and FCC for this project.

Lisa White

CEO at Protect Me

Twisted Saint is a straight-talking fashion brand aimed at creating fun, spontaneous and daring clothing. MorphoMFG built the supply chain for us from scratch – from the raw material vendor to the dying mill and sewing facility. The fit and materials of our samples are perfect and of great quality every single time.

Hayley Mills

CEO at Twisted Saint

Write-n-Chill is the world’s first writable weighted lap pad that kids can write on using a water pen – it’s aimed at children with autism, anxiety, ADHD or a sensory processing disorder. Our goal was simple : we wanted to revolutionize the way the traditional weighted lap pad looks and functions. MorphoMFG created a prototype for us and now we are in the mass production phase with them

Jason Hsieh

CEO at Lakikid

"I wanted to make it possible for gamers to play their favourite old school games like Super Smash Bros, using a Gamecube adapter. I’m pretty savvy because I’m a mechanical designer, but I really needed someone I could trust in China to handle the QA & QC for the product – MorphoMFG became my eyes on the ground. They handled prototyping and mass production like professionals, and the end result is incredible"

Matt Samperi

CEO at GearHawk Studio