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When it comes to import/export from China, few people realize the intricacies of the trade. First, you need to find a Chinese export agent, and then you need to ensure that you have everything you need for the import side of things. 

While trying to accomplish these things by yourself is certainly possible, there are many obstacles and difficulties that may occur. So, what’s the solution? Hire a service to help you manage all the logistics so you can focus on the things that matter. Here’s our process:

Phase 1: Onboarding

During this phase, we establish all the critical groundwork to help make your project a success. We perform tasks like:

Establishing the parameters of the project

We discuss every element of the project you intend to undertake and establish precisely what you need. Do you require product design, manufacturing, or simply export for existing products?

Building an on-the-ground team in China

  • Whether you only need import and export or you require the entire manufacturing process, we can create a team of trustworthy agents and partners.

Phase 2: Project Development

If you require manufacturing in addition to export, this is the phase where we make that happen. Alternatively, during phase two we:

Consider the legal requirements of the products you wish to import and export

Not all products are equal when they cross state lines. Some have a list of rigorous legal requirements to meet, while others simply need to meet basic laws.

Getting all the paperwork in order

One of the most important and time-consuming tasks related to import and export involves getting all the right paperwork in place. We ensure that all the right paperwork is in place and 100% accurate.

Phase 3: Agent Communication and Import/Export Logistics

Finally, when all the important details are in place, we choose someone from our trusted network of agents who are well-versed in the field you wish to practice importing and exporting in.

Since we know so many wonderful agents, we’re guaranteed to know someone who can help you with both the import and export elements of your project.

Much of the time, we’ll be able to take care of all your needs in-house where import and export is concerned. However, if we do need to outsource something, you can rely on us to get only the best people on the job.

Quality Control

Testing the products for durability, reliability, and functionality.

Repair and Maintenance

Troubleshooting, repairs, and replacement of parts.

Supply Chain Management

From sourcing to delivery, we handle all aspects of the supply chain for you. Our robust system ensures the timely delivery of components and materials in perfect condition, so you can be confident that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Creating your product is only step one. The journey to the consumer follows. Inventory management and the fluidity of shipments are equally as challenging and intricate as the product itself and can make or break a brand.

With the pace at which the market is changing, distribution strategy plays a crucial role in your brand's success. Dozens of factors come to play when going to market, but they all come back to one important consideration: how can your product reach its ultimate market?

It’s called a supply chain for a reason. One rusty link could bring down an entire enterprise.

MorphoMFG’s extensive service network and all-star team work in harmony to provide the most
reliable supply chain management system in the industry. Customs clearance, warehouse
distribution, and all things shipments: covered.

How do we create such smooth-running products?Because we’re a well-oiled machine ourselves.

Just because this phase is hands-off, doesn’t mean you won’t know exactly what’s going on.

Let MorphoMFG Make Your Import/Export Dreams Come True

With a wealth of experience and a trusted network of agents and manufacturing companies at our behest, MorphoMFG can help turn your manufacturing dreams into reality. Whether it’s importing tech, toys, or even clothing, we can help you plan and execute your desires.

There are many
benefits to hiring a Chinese Import/Export agent, and Morpho MFG offers the following:

  • A valid CR Number which allows us to deal with customs legally and efficiently
  • A wealth of experience and expertise relating to import and export
  • Competitive pricing and great value for money
  • Watertight contracts that protect your interests and ensure the best experience
  • Fully bilingual staff who ensure that there’s no language barrier leading to problems with the process
  • An accredited and well-trusted agency that can provide the services you need in a timely fashion

What to Expect From A MorphoMFG Discovery Call

What To Expect On Our Intro Call

When we embark on a discovery call, our main objective is to understand your needs exactly while discussing your project with you in detail. Therefore, you can expect a detailed discussion of your needs and desires. 

We’ll use the opportunity to discover all that we can about your intended project and discuss what we can do for you.

After Your Call: What’s Next?

After the discovery call, one of our agents will be in touch with you to give you the project application form. It should take you 15-20 minutes to complete, after which we can review your application.

In almost every scenario, we’ll be analyzing your project in terms of the following:

  • Viability - We have many abilities at MorphoMFG, but not every project is an ideal fit for us. We consider the viability of the project and whether we can help you as you deserve.
  • Realism - We only take on projects that we believe have realistic expectations behind them. Preferably, there should also be room for future expansion.
  • Character - We want to do business with people who are trustworthy and show integrity. For that reason, we rely heavily on selecting clients with strong character.

If this sounds like it matches your project, we’d love to hear from you and schedule a short call to discuss possibilities.

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How do we create such smooth-running products?
 Because we’re a well-oiled ma
chine ourselves.