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ODM, or Original Design Manufacturer, services are an essential part of modern production. Fortunately, it doesn't have to be a difficult field to get involved in. With the right partners, ODM manufacturing in China can be easy and efficient. Here at MorphoMFG, we have everything you need to help you find the ideal ODM Manufacturer in China.

Let's discuss our process and how we can help you fulfill your ODM manufacturing dreams.

Phase One: Onboarding and Product Design

The first step in the ODM manufacturing process is onboarding and discussing product design. Basic onboarding generally takes around 30 days and includes multiple steps to ensure that we provide you, the clients, with the utmost service and satisfaction.

During the onboarding process, we take a look at several things, including the following:

  • Assembling a group of professionals who will work on your product in China;
  • Determining what is required to develop the product, as well as any gaps or obstacles that may need to be filled;
  • Facilitating a feasibility study in which we analyze each feasible construction method for your product;
  • Measurements, preferred materials, key parameters, etc., are all considered in the product design.

After completion of the onboarding phase, we'll be able to provide you with a list of predictions like ODM production costs, timelines, material costs, and even the team you're likely to work with.

During this phase, we also pay a lot of attention to product design. Clients with an interest in ODM manufacturing often have a design. In other cases, clients may have a concept but no fixed design. 

We give our input and expertise to help ensure efficient, high-quality design. If you require, our in-house design team can help make your idea a workable design.

Phase Two: The Prototyping Process

The next phase in getting your ODM manufacturing journey going is to have prototypes made. This is an essential part of the manufacturing process, as it allows you to see any potential problems and find solutions to them before officially beginning the manufacturing process.

Prototyping is also essential when it comes to perceiving and understanding the capabilities of each of the manufacturers that are producing components for your products. Here at MorphoMFG, we believe in protecting your intellectual property rights, so we avoid having a single manufacturer produce all the components for any product. If they don't know how everything fits together, they can't reproduce it and call it their own product.

Once the basic prototype is complete, we'll make sure it undergoes extensive testing so that there are no unpleasant surprises later in the process. We'll also start working on packaging options so that we know exactly how your product works and how each step of the process will look.

Don't be alarmed; we'll keep you updated and involved through every part of the process. By sending photos and regular communications, we ensure that you can give your consent and rest assured that your brainchild is exactly what you envisioned.

Phase Three: Finalizing Details and Getting Your Product on the Market

Once we've achieved all the basic goals related to ODM manufacturing, it's time to get your product out there. At this point, we've already determined the following:

  • The design of your product (either yours or ours, depending on your preferences).
  • Which Chinese manufacturing companies best suit your requirements.
  • How the product fits together.
  • Prototyping and testing.
  • Packaging and shipment logistics.
  • Client approval.

Once we know that we have your approval for the product, we're ready to start getting all the documentation and legal requirements in order so we can import your product and get it on the market.

How MorphoMFG Can Help Develop Your Products

It can be difficult to choose a Chinese ODM manufacturing partner.

MorphoMFG has a network of trustworthy manufacturing partners in China, which means we're ideally placed as a contract manufacturing company to help you meet your needs. From design to manufacture, prototyping to testing, and even packing and logistics, we have the tools and knowledge you need.

Although we handle the entire manufacturing process from beginning to end, you are the sole owner of your intellectual property. Set up your consultation right away to find out more about how we can support the success of your project.

What to Expect from MorphoMFG Intro Call?

What To Expect On Our Intro Call

During our introduction call, you will have the chance to find out more about how we can support your project. Additionally, it gives us a chance to learn more about you and assess the potential of your project while sharing our perspectives with you.

During the call, you can expect plenty of questions that you may not have considered to ask. 

Once we have established a baseline, we will map out our workflow, talk about the specifics of your project, and decide how we will develop your product. That will help us determine whether or not we can accept your project.

What Happens After the Call?

One of our representatives will get in touch with you after the discovery call to give you the project application form. After you submit the form, we will review your application. The form can be finished in 15-20 minutes.

We will typically assess your project using the following standards:

  • Viability - Despite the fact that MorphoMFG has a wide range of skills, we understand that not every project is a good fit for us. We evaluate the project's viability and decide whether we can truly help you as you deserve.
  • Realism - We only approve projects that meet reasonable standards. There should ideally be space for future growth as well.
  • Character - We look to do business with people who exhibit reliability and integrity. As a result, we give a lot of weight to choosing clients who have good character.

If this fits with your project, we would be happy to hear your thoughts and set up a quick call to discuss the possibilities.

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