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Bring ideas to life the MorphoMFG way; guided in three phases.

Phase One: Onboarding

This first phase is the most valuable step for you as you launch your product and it typically takes about 30 days. Here is when we get to know your product, your customer, and your goals.

Creating your team

To begin, we will put together a stellar crew of experts devoted to the growth of your product. This will be your onsite team in China to assist you at every step.

In order to build a seamless team, we carefully choose the most suitable leader from each of our six departments to represent your team. This way, you have one dedicated contact for every question and concern. We like to be on a first-name basis – with our partners and suppliers.

Your team will be made up of seven specialists; a general account executive, prototyping lead, development designer, supply chain coordinator, logistics officer, packaging and shipping manager, and quality control director.

Once your team is in place, it’s time to download your brain.

What are we making?

We'll start by asking you a million and one questions, but don’t worry, you don’t need to have all the answers. This is where we identify where there are still blanks and what needs to be done to fill them.

Let’s say you’re building a piece of software. Do we need to know the exact batteries and firmware needed? Not yet. What we do need to know is your vision. We ask for functionality specifications, and then it’s our job to make it happen

Feasibility Study

Next, we’ll facilitate a Feasibility Study. Here we break down all the possible ways the product
could be built. Throughout this process, we’ll also pinpoint any red flags and address potential
issues before production.

Product Design

With the various options mapped out, product design comes next; parameters, measurements,sizes, material preferences, etc.

Once we work together to choose the perfect pathway we can outline the development costs.This total will include creating 2D and 3D renderings, sample prototyping, molds and tooling, and any final PCBs. Once per-component costs are solidified, overhead will become easier to analyze and manage. This is an exciting milestone in that you now have something concrete to present to investors or the general public.

With your team in place and a development quote, it's time to present timelines.

Your product and business are now taking shape.

We break down the development and manufacturing process as much as possible to clearly illustrate the timelines and account for any changes. Your project blueprint is now clear and you know when to expect your pre-production prototype in hand. Knowing how vital this first prototype is, we’ll work together to deliver the exact product you envisioned

By the end of the onboarding process, you’ll have your team, timelines, quotes, and the blueprint for how we'll run the project.

Phase Two: Development

The second phase is when you exercise your creative vision and we actually design the product, bringing you that much closer to holding your idea in hand. This phase can take anywhere from 3 to 9 months, depending on a variety of factors such as concept complexity and the number of prototype revisions.

Prototyping Process

To create your ultimate product, we'll start by building prototypes and testing them extensively until we have the exact model you envisioned in hand. As we finalize the approach to building your prototype, we can begin conceptualizing the packaging. We'll handle the logistics such as material, sizes, certifications, and international shipments.

While we focus on these details, we'll keep you updated with frequent photos, videos, and physical samples.

The Golden Prototype

The development phase is intended to lead to the pre-production prototype. After thenecessary rounds of testing, you’ll land on the final model, the “Golden Prototype.” Thisprototype needs to be signed off by you before we can proceed, a comfort that is unknown inthis industry.

We’re always thinking ahead. There will be a preliminary test run of a few units, somewhere around 1% of the total units we’re planning on kicking off within the first launch. We’re not in the business of wasting resources, so we’re extra careful when determining the number of units we test. We will utilize the prototypes for further testing or advise a soft launch or campaign to prime the market.

We like to keep the lights on: our partners are never left in the dark.

During the development phase, every design choice, no matter how small, is significant. You’ll see firsthand how selections such as materials, scale, and styling all impact the quality and per-unit cost.

Phase Three: Manufacturing

The last phase is manufacturing which usually takes about 60 days to carry out.

With your Golden Prototype finalized, we can move on to building the molds, the tooling, the final PCB, or any other necessary elements. From this point on, it’s relatively hands-off for you. Your designated MorphoMFG team will handle everything on the back end, from quality control services to repairs and maintenance.

Quality Control

Testing the products for durability, reliability, and functionality.

Repair and Maintenance

Troubleshooting, repairs, and replacement of parts.

Supply Chain Management

From sourcing to delivery, we handle all aspects of the supply chain for you. Our robust system ensures the timely delivery of components and materials in perfect condition, so you can be confident that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Creating your product is only step one. The journey to the consumer follows. Inventory management and the fluidity of shipments are equally as challenging and intricate as the product itself and can make or break a brand.

With the pace at which the market is changing, distribution strategy plays a crucial role in your brand's success. Dozens of factors come to play when going to market, but they all come back to one important consideration: how can your product reach its ultimate market?

It’s called a supply chain for a reason. One rusty link could bring down an entire enterprise.

MorphoMFG’s extensive service network and all-star team work in harmony to provide the most
reliable supply chain management system in the industry. Customs clearance, warehouse
distribution, and all things shipments: covered.

How do we create such smooth-running products?Because we’re a well-oiled machine ourselves.

Just because this phase is hands-off, doesn’t mean you won’t know exactly what’s going on.

Business Side Of Things

We’re manufacturing partners, meaning we handle all development and production, but you’re then purchasing the final unit from us. What does this mean for you? Complete ownership over your product.

There's no royalty or licensing involved. You
own 100% of your IP.

Your success is our success. We rely on volume, so our margin is baked into the final cost per unit. Considering you’re paying us for our design,
development, and manufacturing services, you are free to take your product
elsewhere at any point. You own the rights to your molds, tooling, and
prototypes. You can halt operations and pull them from your MorphoMFG
team at any time, for any reason. Although, you won’t want to.

What To Expect On
Our Intro Call

What To Expect On Our Intro Call

While this is a consultation call, yes, it is also an opportunity to gain insight. Even talking about your project aloud can help you see things more clearly. Plus, talking with an expert on your side looks nothing like communicating via email.

We pride ourselves in really getting to know your concept. We’ll tell you exactly what you need, what you’ve been doing wrong, and what’s missing from your business plan. We ask the questions you never thought to ask.

Getting to know you is just as important as getting to know your product. To ensure the success of our partnership, it is vital that we see your passion and understand your commitment.

First, we’ll evaluate your progress to determine where your project stands. Our goal from the get-go is to get your product to DFM.

We will then discuss the details of your project's morphology and illustrate what our process will look like for your particular product. This call will give us the information we need to determine whether we can take on your project.

Honesty is our trademark — no hidden agendas

We guarantee you’ll leave this call with greater knowledge and confidence than when you hopped on the phone.

You’re Ready To Schedule Your Discovery Call If You Have

1) A concept

2) Budget set aside for development

3) A crowdfunding campaign or VC plans

4) Goals to build an entire brand and expand

If you want to partner with us but aren’t quite ready, we’ll easily map out the steps you need to take before getting started with Morpho

After Your Call: What’s Next?

Shortly after your call, a member of our development team will reach out with our project application which should take 15-20 minutes to complete

Once a team member has that back in hand, they’ll gather feedback from our board and let you know if we’re on the right track.

We are evaluating the project based on the following criteria:

It’s something that we think is feasible. We're not diving into a full feasibility summary just yet. We're gauging if it's within our scope and worthwhile for us to take on.

The business model is potentially viable and expectations are realistic. A realistic profit margin is in place and expansion is anticipated.

The founder is reliable and reasonable. Our working relationship is built on character. We're looking for smart, capable, and realistic prospects.

Once approved, we would send over our mutual NDA, our business contract, and the onboarding invoice. As soon as those two documents are signed and the onboarding fee is paid, we'll put together your team, make the introductions, and get to work.

Are you already mid-process and looking to switch manufacturers? Need our help but don’t know what the next step is?

We respect anyone who dives in and makes things happen. Unfortunately, when it comes to manufacturing, the power of planning is incalculable. Here at MorphoMFG, we’re all about diving in with a plan.

While our full process is designed to take ideas from paper to reality, we offer a la carte services to help you and your business reach its full potential

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How do we create such smooth-running products?
 Because we’re a well-oiled ma
chine ourselves.