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Product manufacturing in China is relatively simple, but there are certain complexities that can make people feel it's a long and arduous process. If you partner with the correct company, like MorphoMFG, then the process can be simple, efficient, and painless.

Allow us to take you through our process and discuss the intricacies of product manufacturing. With us on your side, you can turn a process that requires intimate knowledge, extended time frames, and deep pockets into a cost-effective and efficient system that allows you to manufacture products at will.

Phase One: Onboarding and Design Deliberation

Onboarding is the first and possibly most important phase of manufacturing products through a contract manufacturing company like MorphoMFG. During this process, we ask all the difficult questions that help us determine precisely what it is that you require.

In this initial phase, we will ask many questions about you and the product you wish to manufacture. We need to determine the answers to many essential queries like:

  • Do you have an existing design?
  • What is the purpose of the product?
  • Which kinds of materials will be involved in creating the product? I.E., do you want to produce:
  • Which kinds of manufacturing will be required?

All of these questions and more will help us determine the intricacies of your particular product and help us to construct a team for you. If you have a concept but not a design, our in-house design team can help with that.

As for everything else, we have a comprehensive network of partners and agents for everything from material acquisition to product testing. At this point, we'll spend time constructing a professional team of manufacturers (and anything else you require) to help ensure that your product manufacturing journey is a success.

Phase Two: Prototyping and Testing

Once we provide you with the predicted quotes and timelines for your product and know that you're happy with them, it's time to create a prototype. This is a crucial step in the manufacturing process because it enables you to identify any potential issues and come up with solutions before the manufacturing process is formally launched. 

At MorphoMFG, we do not have a single manufacturer produce all the parts for any given product because we think it is important to safeguard your intellectual property rights. They can not copy it and claim it as their own if they do not understand how everything works together. We will make sure the basic prototype is thoroughly tested after it is finished to avoid any unpleasant surprises later in the process. 

Throughout the entire process, we will keep you informed and involved. We make sure that you can give your approval and be sure that your creation is exactly what you had in mind by sending photos and maintaining regular communications.

Phase Three: Product Launch Logistics

It is time to launch your product onto the market once we have completed all the fundamental objectives related to product manufacturing. We have already decided on the fundamental (and trickier) components of producing your product at this point.

These may include, but are not limited to:

  • Depending on your preferences, the design of your product (which may be created by you or us),
  • Which Chinese manufacturing companies to use
  • How the product needs to be assembled,
  • Prototyping and testing the product,
  • The logistics behind packaging and shipment

Once we are certain that you have given the product your approval, we can begin to prepare all the necessary paperwork and meet all the legal requirements so that we can import your product and put it on the market.

How MorphoMFG Can Help Develop Your Products

Selecting a Chinese partner for product manufacturing can be challenging. 

Because MorphoMFG has a network of reliable manufacturing partners in China, we are well-positioned as a contract manufacturer to assist you in meeting your needs. We have the equipment and know-how you require for everything from design to manufacturing, as well as prototyping, testing, packing, and logistics. 

Despite the fact that we manage the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, your intellectual property belongs to you alone. Immediately schedule your consultation to learn more about how we can contribute to the success of your project.

What to Expect from MorphoMFG Intro Call?

What To Expect On Our Intro Call

You will have the chance to learn more about how we can help with your project during our introduction call. It also gives us a chance to get to know you better and evaluate the potential of your project while communicating our viewpoints to you.

You can anticipate hearing a lot of questions during the call that you might not have thought to ask. 

After establishing a baseline, we will discuss the specifics of your project and decide how we will develop your product before outlining our workflow. That will assist us in deciding if we can accept your project.

After Your Call: What’s Next?

After the discovery call, one of our representatives will contact you to give you the project application form. You can complete the form in 15-20 minutes, and we will review your application after you submit the form.

Typically, we will evaluate your project in accordance with the following criteria:

  • Viability - MorphoMFG has a broad range of expertise, but we are aware that not every project is a good fit for us. We determine whether we can truly assist you as you deserve by assessing the project's viability.
  • Realism - we only approve projects that adhere to justifiable requirements. Ideally, there should also be room for future expansion.
  • Character - We prefer to work with people who have integrity and dependability. As a result, we place a high value on selecting clients who are of good character.

If this works for your project, we would be happy to hear your thoughts and arrange a brief phone call to go over the options.

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