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Prototyping is the most exciting part of the product manufacturing process. This is the moment where brilliant ideas become a reality, turning into the base of one’s future success. 

However, for the product development process to be successful, you need to partner with a reliable and experienced prototyping manufacturer that understands your vision. Finding one in China can be challenging, though. 

Here’s where MorphoMFG can help. Take advantage of our prototyping services and bring your ideas to life.

Phase One: Onboarding & Product Design

We begin every project with onboarding. This is the stage where we learn about your company, goals, customers, and the product you want to manufacture.

Onboarding process

The whole onboarding process takes around 30 days and includes the following stages:

  • Creating a team of experts who will be onsite in China to help develop your product;
  • Identifying what is needed to develop the product and whether there are any potential blanks to fill and barriers to overcome;
  • Facilitating a Feasibility Study where we break down all the possible ways to build your product;
  • Designing the product along with measurements, material preferences, key parameters, etc.

Establishing the action plan

Once the onboarding stage is completed, you will have your team, quotes, timelines, and your final product design. With all that, we can proceed to the next stage - prototyping.

Phase Two: Prototyping Process

With your product design ready, we will work with one of our trusted manufacturing partners to develop the final product, ready for manufacturing. This phase usually takes anywhere between 3 to 9 months, heavily depending on the scope and complexity of your project.

Prototype building & testing

We’ll start by building prototypes of your product and testing them extensively. This process takes as long as we find the ultimate prototype that works exactly how you imagined it.

Product packaging and certifications

With the final prototype almost ready, we will work on the appropriate packaging as well. Don’t worry, we’ll handle everything from materials and sizes to the necessary certifications and shipments. 

Of course, we will keep you updated on the progress, sending you photos, videos, and physical samples.

Phase Three: Establishing the Golden Prototype

The entire product prototyping leads to the development of the ultimate pre-production prototype. This is the prototype that passed all our testing and quality checks with flying colors. We call it the “Golden Prototype.”

Final tests and manufacturing

Before we proceed with the next stages of our process, we will ask you to sign it off and give us the green light. Once you do, we will start working on the manufacturing process.

Also, as we begin with manufacturing, we will also run a preliminary test run on around 1% of the total units we’re planning on producing during the first launch. This way, we are able to determine whether the final product is ready to launch or whether it requires some final tweaks.

How MorphoMFG Can Help Develop Your Products

Choosing a Chinese prototyping partner can be overwhelming. The problem is that there’s no room for a mistake when it comes to prototyping. One wrong decision, inappropriate testing, or loss of focus, and your entire project will fall to pieces. 

That is where MorphoMFG comes in, providing you with the perfect solution for your product development needs. As a contract manufacturing company, we provide customers seeking to outsource their prototyping projects to China with professional consultation, cost-effective solutions, and state-of-the-art prototyping services.

We handle the entire manufacturing process from start to finish, but it is you who owns 100% of your IP. If that doesn’t sound like an ideal solution, we don’t know what else can. 

Schedule your consultation today and learn more about how we can help your project succeed.

What To Expect On
Our Intro Call

What To Expect On Our Intro Call

Our intro call is an opportunity for you to learn more about how we can help your project. It is also a chance for us to get to know you better and see whether your project has the potential you think it has, providing you with our insights. 

How do we do that? By bombarding you with questions you never thought to ask. 

Once we have the baseline, we will map how our process works and discuss the details of your project and what our approach would be when developing your product. Based on that, we will be able to decide whether we can take on your project or not.

What Happens After the Call?

Following the discovery call, one of our representatives will contact you to provide you with the project application form. The form can be completed within 15-20 minutes, and once you submit it, we will review your application.

In most cases, we will evaluate your project based on the following criteria:

  • Viability - While MorphoMFG possesses various capabilities, we acknowledge that not every project is an ideal fit for us. We assess the project's feasibility and determine if we can genuinely assist you as you deserve. 
  • Realism - We exclusively accept projects that exhibit realistic expectations. Ideally, there should be room for future expansion as well. 
  • Character - We seek to engage in business with individuals who demonstrate trustworthiness and integrity. Consequently, we place significant emphasis on selecting clients with strong character. 

If this aligns with your project, we would be delighted to receive your input and arrange a brief call to explore potential opportunities.

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